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        I shared parts of this on my instagram, but felt I needed a place to go more in depth with this pretty massive decision. So here we go…

        My dad gave me my first camera as a graduation present 10 years ago. A Pentax. I became obsessed. Within my first year with it, a documentary was made, an Emmy was won. And then I had Elle… and my love of capturing that spark of life & love started. And with it, my wedding career. It’s been almost 10 years of capturing families & couples in the only way I’ve ever known how. And over 7 years capturing wedding days and every single one I hold so close to my heart.

        This past year has been one of the highlights of my career. Every wedding and every couple was phenomenal, truly. From New Year’s Eve 2021, I celebrated my friends and rang in the new year with so much love & excitement on their wedding day. And today, just one year later I delivered my last wedding of the season. And ohhhh my god was it a dreamy one! While this has been a long and deep part of my thought life this year, I think it finally sank in that I’m done. The dream job that I’ve loved. That I’ve poured my heart into. I think it’s time for me to take a break and I have this feeling it might be a long one. A forever one. I’m not one who will say “never again” because I’ve learned that lesson haha. I’m always open to anything life brings my way… but for now. It feels like it’s time to close that chapter of my life as a “wedding photographer”.

        I don’t know that I’m fully ready to hang up the camera. I still want to offer small family & couples sessions on a month to month basis, as well as dive more into education and mentoring. I will definitely keep you all updated as I decide what’s right for me in this season!

        I’m excited to see what opportunities lie ahead. For years my life has been planned out over a year in advance because of weddings. I’ve missed holidays, summer breaks, etc. I’m ready to give us that space and time we need to be able to make new moves in our life, chase new dreams, dive more into motherhood, and take those spontaneous trips & adventures.

        Thank you for supporting me all these years. You’ll never know how much that’s meant! You guys got me through some really hard seasons of life. Being a teen mom, divorced mom, broke single mom, newly married and pregnant once again but husband lost his job mom… omg… you don’t even know. I’m laughing and crying thinking about all my life drama and all the support I’ve had these many years. Love you all so much it hurts. Happy New Years Eve & thanks for truly the best decade of my life so far. Let’s see what adventure is next! ✨ (even I don’t know!!)


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